Adorn this beautiful choker from the 19ish Shop which guarantees compliments left and right! 


Benefits of Rose Quartz 🧚:

  • called the stone of love
  • increases self worth
  • gentle, loving stone
  • helps with forgiveness
  • helps with self love


Benefits of Howlite ✨:

    • helps in aligning the chakras.
    • calming stone used to relieve anger, tensions, and stress
    • helps you stay patient and calm
    • opens mind and broadens perspectives
    • cuts the negativity in your life


    If you have any other questions regarding the choker, please feel free to contact me. To preserve the quality of your choker, I recommend that you follow jewellery care procedure. Please keep in mind each piece of jewelry is carefully handmade by me and is one-of-a-kind. Therefore, each is unique and there might be slight variations from the product displayed in the picture.

    Rosalite Choker